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Towards The Perfect Cappuccino

The recipe for cappuccino is hotly contested by region and barista but a generally accepted method is equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk and textured milk with chocolate sprinkled on top.  The recipe should be adjusted to taste and a good barista will keep this in mind when making cappuccino for others.

Texturing Milk
Using a milk thermometer will ensure that you don’t overheat or boil the milk and ruin that perfect cappuccino experience. Milk should be heated to between 65 and 70 degrees and placing your hand under the base of the milk jug when texturing will allow you to learn to gauge the exact temperature required so you can dispense with the thermometer.

Fill the jug to about one third with milk and keep the nozzle of the steam arm close to the top which will ensure you don’t blow too many large bubbles into the milk. Hold the jug at an angle so that the milk begins to swirl and keep the nozzle of the steam arm at the required depth until the milk has stretched to about twice its original amount. When the milk has doubled in volume lower the nozzle of the steam arm to the bottom of the jug until required milk temperature is reached. The jug should then be tapped several times on a hard surface to remove any large bubbles in the milk and swirl the jug in a circular motion on the counter until it achieves a satiny finish.

Steaming Milk
This is a similar process to texturing milk but the nozzle of the steam arm is only kept 1-2cm from the top of the milk for a short time and then placed at the bottom of the milk jug until the required temperature is reached.

Most busy cafes will not use separate milk jugs for steamed milk and textured milk but will use a knife or spatula to hold back the foamed milk while pouring the steamed milk from the milk jug.

Now that the milk is ready you will need a hot cup for your espresso shot, add the steamed milk and then the foamed milk before topping with chocolate powder.