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Why I Love My ECM Giotto

Sure, my Giotto makes great coffee. But there’s a bunch of similar machines that will do a similarly great job (although not many that will texture milk so confidently). I love my Giotto because it’s good to look at. And it’s good to look at others look at it with envy. Let’s face it, we can only safely imbibe 3 or 4 coffees a day and only 1 or 2 of these will be at home. Most of my Giotto’s job is achieved by its presence –by squatting masterfully in its pride of kitchen place, being perfectly obtrusive. Demanding to be acknowledged and frequently spoken to. It’s a massive comfort to know you have good coffee at hand and with my Giotto the comfort is frequently reinforced by a glance at its perfect proportions and retro beauty. My Giotto has even made me a little fluent in Italian. Giotto. Giorrto. Geeoooorrrto. Add in a couple of ciao bellas, wave your hands a bit and presto – Italian fluency. It’s a great name. Forty-odd years ago Giancarlo Giusti (worth meeting him just to get to say it!) started roasting coffee in Melbourne. Presumably fearing immigrantophobia he came up with Grinders as the name for his coffee empire. He may have been right to be cautious at the time but I wonder whether he often wishes that he chose either of his own monikers. There’s lots in a name. Diamond Coffee has just released a new Italian-made but Australianised version of the Giotto. They'’ve called it the Diamond Italia which is not a bad name – blending as it does the fluency of Italian with a little hard-edged English. The Australianised part is mostly – I believe - more robust steam production bits. Apparently we drink so much more milk coffee than the Italians that the steam bits are normally the first to go. Anyway, it’s every bit as beautiful as my old Giotto so it’s comforting to know that I will be satisfied come trade-in.