Coffee Machine Solutions

Contempo Dual Fuel 2 Group Electronic


The Fracino 2 Group Contempo coffee machine is also available as a dual fuel option.
The same great specifications as the standard Fracino Contempo 2 Group machines but with the option to use LPG or electricity they provide unrivalled flexibility and mobility whilst still retaining high volume output. These machines are ideal for mobile catering units and remote area locations.

**Price includes ANZ Gas Certification.

Key Dual Fuel Features:
    * Highest powered LPG system in the world.
    * 2000 watt electric element optional upgrade to 4000 watt - no charge.
    * LPG fuelled burner equivalent to 4kw electrical power rating.
    * Fitted with electronic ignition and flame-failure device.
    * Boiler pressure controlled by a gas pressure valve with low flame adjustment.
    * High groups to allow for large take-away cups with 130mm clearance.
    * Flip down espresso tray fitted to one group.
    * Sight control of pilot flame through front of coffee machine.
    * Running on gas with element isolated draws 350 watts supplied by 240v generator or 12v inverter.

Warranty Details:

12 months limited warranty on all non-consumable parts.
Please see our Guarantee page for full details.