Coffee Machine Solutions

Controvento Due 2 Group


The ECM Controvento Due is provided with 2 coffee boilers of 0.75L volume each along with their own 1200 Watt heater. The brew water is heated in the heat exchanger of the steam boiler in advance of preparing the coffee to ensure high temperature stability for every espresso even when the machine is in continuous operation. The PID-control makes it possible for you to be able to separately, and to the exact degree, govern the temperature of the water in all 3 boilers. Thus, for example, you can simultaneously extract espressos at two brew groups, using two different temperatures.

Multi-boiler espresso machine
2 stainless steel coffee boilers, 0.75L volume each
1 stainless steel steam boiler 1L volume
Pre-heating of the coffee water in the steam boiler
PID for temperatures in both coffee boilers and the steam boiler
PID for the coffee brewing time in seconds
Optimization of the water temperature for tea through cold water mixing
High group configuration for large mugs and take-away cups
Additional grid stand for being able to position espresso cups in an optimal manner
ECM brew group with stainless steel mushrooms
Internal rotary pump, pump pressure adjustable from the outside
3 Ergonomic ECM portafilters 

Warranty Details:

12 months limited warranty on all non-consumable parts.
Please see our Guarantee page for full details.