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Diamant Multi Boiler 3 Group High


The 3 Group Diamant Multi Boiler High Group is an automatic espresso coffee machine with an electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically and automatic water filling. It boasts individual 1.5 litre boilers with 1200 watt elements and a 17.5 litre 99.9% copper boiler with a 4000 watt element.

Other exciting features include:
    * Automatic back flush program on each group.
    * Automatic boiler refill.
    * Built-in volumetric motor and pump with two retention valves and solid particle filter.
    * In-built magnetic calcium neutraliser on pump and pre-heat exchangers.
    * 99.9% pure copper boilers.
    * Direct pre-infusion chamber on each group.
    * Independent 1.5 litre brew boilers with 1200 watt elements.
    * Programmable time clock for automatic switch on/off.
    * Digital Display.
    * Steam boiler and coffee boiler temperatures individually controlled by PID system.
    * Maintenance management with warning light for programmable service reminders.
    * Memorises total brewed coffees.
    * Long stainless steel non-burn steam tubes.
    * Four programmable volumetric dosages for each group.
    * Two electronic hot water outlets which can be programmed for different volumes.
    * Isolating taps on steam, hot water taps and groups allow the machine to be serviced
       without turning off the machine.
    * Programmable display lights with 5 different display patterns.
    * Each group has a extraction time clock (shot clock and grinder alarm if extraction time 
       is outside set parameters).
    * Three steam taps, one equipped with heat sensor for automatic control of
       temperature (no need for jug thermostat).

Warranty Details:

12 months limited warranty on all non-consumable parts.
Please see our Guarantee page for full details.