Coffee Machine Solutions

Pura Fresco and KE200 Fridge Bundle


The Franke Pura Fresco ensures pure coffee enjoyment. Enhance your coffee with fresh milk and superb milk foam at the touch of a button. The milk frother is simplicity itself to remove and clean. The coffee machine comes with two bean hoppers and one dual powder dispenser – ideal for a dark chocolate and a light chocolate. The chocolate powder is prepared with Twist+Taste Technology, an innovation by Franke for the very best taste.. Matched with the stylis 4 litre KE200 fridge you have the perfect partnership for great coffee with no fuss.

− Clean and Clever System for fast, easy cleaning and maintenance.
− Operator guided system for effortless cleaning.
− Individualized product programming for a wide range of beverages.
− Time-saving easy-to-remove brewing unit and mixing chamber drawer.
− Intuitive user guide and the latest in touch panel technology
− Clear product overview and text displays 
− Minimum maintenance requirements and overheads
− Energy-saving Green+Gentle Concept
− Profitable long-term investment delivering excellent value for money
− Attractive and versatile product range featuring 32 programmable beverages



Warranty Details:

12 months limited warranty on all non-consumable parts.
Please see our Guarantee page for full details.