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Robur Electronic


The Mazzer Robur is the flagship of the Mazzer grinder range. It has 71mm conical grinding burrs with a 900 watt motor that spins slowly at 420rpm and is recommended to grind delicate blends. Highly suited to very busy cafés who demand a lot from their equipment. This new version of the Mazzer Robur takes on demand grinding to the busy café and coffee house environment. You set the grinder electronically to grind a pre-determined amount of coffee into your portafilter, there's a button for single shots and another for doubles.  want your coffee to taste at its best then you don't want ground coffee sitting in your doser and chute, the Mazzer Robur Electronic overcomes all these problems.

If you are looking for a high end, consistent grinder the Mazzer Robur Electronic is for you.


     * Power - 900 Watt.
     * Grinding blades - 71 mm conical burrs.
     * Grinding blade speed -  420 rpm.
     * Grinding on demand.
     * Electronic dose adjustment.
     * Single and double dose with independent adjustment.
     * Digital display with shot counter.
     * Coffee-bean container capacity - 1.8 Kg.  



Warranty Details:

12 months limited back to base warranty on all non-consumable parts and labour.
Please see our Guarantee page for full details.