Coffee Machine Solutions

Slayer V3 3 Group


A powerful industrial craft-built machine with virtually endless steam capacity plus brew temperature stability on multiple groups even during maximum volume use.  Steam and brew systems are supplied with preconditioned water at 180 degrees F.  All heating is provided by fail-resistant incoloy elements.  Temperature control is maintained by purpose-tuned PID.  Slayer’s brewing system includes both mechanical and electronic components to enable discreet pressure control across brew band. 

Slayer is a professional espresso machine, built to defy the highest demand and thrive under the command of the world’s best baristas. It offers unlimited steam capacity, ultimate temperature stability, and unmatched control of the extraction process. This is what keeps it all going.

Steam tank: 12 litres 
Preheat tank: 5.4 litres
Brew tank: 1.23 litres  (per group)
Steam element: 4500 Watts
Preheat element: 2000 Watts
Brew element: 600 Watts (per group)
Matt Black texture powder coated body panels
Silver powder coated X legs
Peruvian walnut timber paddles, levers and portafilters
PID temperature control
Pre-brew timers
Shot mirror
Note: Depth measurement does not include additional 63.5mm for group hangover at front.

Warranty Details:

12 months limited warranty on all non-consumable parts.
Please see our Guarantee page for full details.