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This is our glossary of terms.

acid/acidityThe pleasant tartness of a good coffee. When the tartness is unpleasant it is referred to as sour.
affogatoItalian for drowned is a small scoop of ice-cream served in a small glass topped with a shot of espresso
americano"Or Cafe Americano is an espresso shot with hot water added, the opposite of a long black coffee."
arabicaOriginally from the middle east and believed to be the first coffee species cultivated. Contains the least caffeine of all the cultivated varieties.
aroma"The smell of coffee along with body, acidity and flavour are the main categories used in cupping or the evaluation of coffee."
aromaticDesignates a coffee that fully manifests the aroma characteristic of its nature and origin.
ascasoSpanish manufacturer of espresso machines.
azkoyenSpanish manufacturer of espresso machines.
balancedA term used by professional coffee tasters and is not necessarily high praise.
baristaTrained coffee maker and Italian for bartender.
basketA perforated container that sits in the portafilter and allows the hot water to be forced through the coffee grounds.
bezzeraItalian coffee machine manufacturer that invented the espresso machine in 1901.
biscotti"Traditionally an almond flavoured, twice baked Italian biscuit dunked in wine or coffee."
blendTwo or more single-origin coffees mixed together.
body"One of the main characteristics used to evaluate coffee beans, the others being flavour, aroma and acidity."
bouquetThe complete aromatic experience of the coffee.
cafe au lait"The French equivalent of the caffe latte and consists of coffee, usually espresso, and scalded milk in equal parts."
caffe latteCaffe (Italian for coffee) and latte (Italian for milk) mixed together in equal parts.
caffeineThe worlds most popular drug which has an energising effect and happily found in coffee and tea
cappuccino"A milk based coffee made of equal parts espresso, scalded milk and frothed milk."
capressoAmerican coffee machine company now owned by Jura of Switzerland.
caramelized"The taste of roasted beans that have been dipped in sugar, syrup, or molasses before roasting."
carimaliItalian manufacturer of coffee machines.
Cialdeis Italian for the finest quality, fresh ground espresso coffee hermetically sealed in its own individual wrapping to ensure lasting freshness for your espresso enjoyment and known in Australia as POD coffee. The Italians invented POD coffee and it should not be confused with the cheap, imitation liquid coffee extracts delivered in plastic tubs that are currently being aggressively marketed by the same name through the popular media and bargain chain stores.
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coffee cherriesThe fruit of the coffee tree that contains the green coffee beans.
compakSpanish manufacturers of quality grinders.
crema"Creamy, honey-brown bubbles of coffee oil that blankets a well made espresso."
cupping"Likened to wine tasting, cupping is isolating the different attributes of the tasted coffees."
decaffeinatedCoffee that has no more than 3% of it's original caffeine content.
demitasseA small cup used to serve espresso and typically holds 60 to 90 mls.
doppioItalian for double and refers to a double espresso shot.
doseThe amount of coffee used in a serving.
doser grinderA machine that grinds coffee beans and dispenses a measured amount of coffee.
E61 groupheadRevolutionary grouphead developed by Faeme in 1961 and still used today.
elektraItalian coffee machine manufacturer.
espressoIs a concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee.
espresso pod"Ground, compressed coffee wrapped in a filter creating a coffee bag."
expobarSpanish manufacturer of espresso machines.
faemaItalian coffee machine manufacturer.
filter basket"Usually made of stainless steel, this perforated basket fits inside the portafilter and holds the ground coffee."
finishThe aftertaste of the coffee that lingers on the palate.
flat whiteCreated by pouring frothed milk over an espresso shot.
French roastThe beans are roasted to a light brown colour compared to an Italian roast.
frothing"The process of steaming the milk to produce a thick, velvety foam for use in milk based coffee drinks ."
gaggiaItalian coffee machine manufacturer.
grindDescribes the size of the coffee particles.
grinderA device used to grind or mill coffee beans.
groupTraditionally a cylindrical receptacle into which the portafilter clamps.
group handleCorrectly known as portafilter.
heavy roast"Coffee beans roasted to a very dark brown, with a shiny surface; equivalent to Italian Roast."
isomacItalian coffee machine manufacturer.
Italian roastThe beans are roasted to a very dark brown.
juraSwiss manufacturer of coffee machines.
knock box"A tray, cylinder or other receptacle used to dispose of the spent coffee grounds. Referred to as a knock box because the barista knocks the portafilter onto the knock box to dislodge all spent coffee grounds."
la piccolaQuality Italian pod machines.
la sorrentinoAustralian repoduction stove top coffee maker based on the classic Atomic machine designed by Italian Giordano Robbiati.
latte"Short for 'Caffe Latte' which is Italian for "coffee with milk". Traditionally served with equal parts espresso, hot milk and frothed milk."
latte artDesigns placed with varying artistic ability on the surface of the coffee drink.
lavazzaItalian coffee machine manufacturer.
long black"This is water with an espresso shot added, the opposite of an americano."
lungoUsually a single shot espresso with double the water resulting in a stretch espresso or lungo. This coffee is weaker than an espresso but more bitter due to the brewing process.
macchiatoMeans stained and is a shot of espresso added to the cup after a little frothed milk.
mazzerItalian manufacturer of quality grinders.
medium roastCoffee beans roasted to the American norm.
mochaTypically one third espresso with two thirds steamed milk to which cocoa powder or chocolate sauce is added with marshmallows and cinnamon other options.
nuova simonelliItalian coffee machine manufacturer.
organic"A certified organically-grown coffee has been produced without synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. "
pod machineCoffee machine designed to use espresso pods
portafilter"Also known as a group handle, attaches to manual and semi-automatic espresso machines. The basket holds a tamped puck of coffee grounds through which water under high pressure is forced."
puckThe amount of tamped coffee within the basket of the portafilter.
pullingThe act of producing an espresso shot.
qahwaArab traders boiled coffee beans to produce the first coffee beverage over a thousand years ago.
rancidAn unpleasant taste in the coffee brew caused by the oxidation of the fats.
rancillioItalian coffee machine manufacturer.
ristrettoCommonly only the first 15 ml of the extraction.
roastingThe art of baking green coffee beans.
robusta"High caffeine content and quite bitter, generally less acidic and aromatic than Arabica."
saecoItalian coffee machine manufacturer.
shotA shot or an espresso is usually 30ml of coffee.
steam wandA pipe on most espresso machines that provides steam for frothing milk.
tamperUsed for compressing ground coffee inside the filter basket prior to brewing. May be a hand or machine operated.
tampingThe art of compressing the ground coffee to provide a consistent medium to allow the water to percolate through evenly.
wegaItalian coffee machine manufacturer.